Essence Of Music

Music is said to be essential and many people agree to it but there are still others who do not like music.That is why they could ask why do we need music in our life. Let us know some of the given essences of music why more people like to listen to it. One of the given reason is that music can make you calm. When an argument happened then a song would be played ad the song is like to the parties, they could calm down.

It is said that those who like hard metal sound are calmer than others. That is because they could express their emotions through the music. Music could also be used so that a person may express his feelings. There are those who are not used to expressing their love or emotion verbally but they could do it through music. That is why music also is very helpful to a good communication and understanding. It is a way to express love to another person.


Now the use of music in therapy is good and so it is being used by the medical field so they could help patients recover and heal. When they feel positive through songs, they can have a positive response to treatment. It serves as one method to revive some emotions and memories that would soothe the mind.Others use it also so that they could focus on something. That is why there is music that is used for studying or sleeping.