Musical Preferences

With the different genre of music that one could choose from, what would be the factors that influence that choice? There are many people that you can listen saying what is their favorite type of music. They can have only one preference or they could have more than one. Other people would just choose what is the popular ones and go with the flow whatever it is as long as they could follow the beat. But there are those who really have their own choice and just have there interest in their choice.

One of the popular reason of choosing a particular type of genre is in accordance to the type of personality and culture. There are those who grew up in a house where they are usually quite and do not make noises by shouting to communicate. They like their privacy so they speak with each other in a normal voice. That one family could have the choice of music genre on their own and the other is also different. That is why sometimes, their is a disagreement with neighbors when one have loud music that they do not like.

Sometimes, it all depends on what you view yourself. If you view yourself as one that would be in the intelligent side then you may seek music from the great composers that would help you appreciate that kind of music and would make effort to learn it. If you also could express your feelings or emotions in one type of music then surely you would pick that up and be the one to play.